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Private Korean tutor

From daily life to business situations, with the best Korean textbook!

Looking for the most experienced private Korean tutor in Biz?

Are you after the best Korean textbook for all levels?

You can just count on me!

If you are unsatisfied with my class, you can get a refund for half of the lesson fee for up to the first 2 months.

Hello there,

I am a native Korean speaker, born and raised in Korea.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with British and American professionals in international companies, which has given me a global business perspective and 20 years of experience.

Thanks to my extensive experience in both domestic and foreign top global companies, I also offer high-quality translation services between English and Korean.

When it comes to tutoring, I have successfully taught Korean, English, and Math to my students. It has been truly rewarding to witness the majority of my students surpass their initial goals and achieve success with my guidance.

I have had the opportunity to visit the UK on multiple occasions, having made four trips there, with my most recent stay being from Dec. 22 to Feb. 23. I have developed a strong fondness for the country and greatly enjoy conversing with English speakers.

With my diverse background and experiences, I firmly believe that I am the best candidate for the Korean tutoring position you are seeking.

If you have specific textbooks in mind, please let me know so that we can incorporate them into our lessons. However, if you don't have any particular books in mind, rest assured that I have a selection of excellent Korean textbooks suitable for learners at various levels, from beginners to advanced.

I aim to conduct interactive classes where we can have a meaningful exchange of ideas and address your individual needs. In addition to textbooks, I am more than willing to provide supplementary materials to address any questions or requests you may have.

As a genuine native Korean with a deep understanding of English culture, I am confident that I can not only be your perfect tutor but also a good friend in your journey to learn Korean.


Apart from my professional career in business, I have a wide range of hobbies such as music, football, pub crawls, musicals, traveling, history, and culture, among others. Therefore, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are seeking a Korean partner. Thank you.


Customer review

Korean tutoring

I had an incredible experience with Eric's Korean tutoring class. As a native Korean speaker with 20 years of experience in global companies, Eric brought a unique perspective to teaching. His dedication and passion for helping me succeed were evident from the start. With tailored lessons and excellent resources, he created an interactive and supportive environment.

Eric's understanding of English culture made communication easier. His friendly nature and diverse interests made him not just a tutor but also a great friend. I could achieve my goal of communicating with Koreans effortlessly. I highly recommend Eric Han's Korean tutoring class for effective language learning and cultural understanding.

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